Weather Policy

Forest school is all about play outdoors in all weathers. There is no such thing as bad weather: just bad clothing! We have a traditional hazel ‘bender’ shelter as well as parachute and tarpaulins for rain and cold. However, there are certain weather conditions that will affect the running of the Forest School.

High winds

High winds can be dangerous in woodland because of the dangers of falling branches and damage to shelters. We monitor the forecast and our site closely. Our site is fairly sheltered from Southerly and Easterly winds, but, being on a hill, is exposed from the other directions. This means that we will have to close if winds are:

Gusting 39mph from North or West

Gusting 45 mph from any direction

Electrical storms

Electrical storms can be dangerous in a woodland due to lack of indoor shelters and risk of electric shock from lightning, both direct and through tree roots. We follow the Rospa 30/30 rule: if there is a direct lightning strike within 30km of our site, we seek shelter in vehicles and stay in for at least 30 minutes after the last thunder clap. Staff have an app on our phones which alert us if there is a strike within 30km. If electrical storms persist, we may call parents and carers for early pick up.

Snow and ice

Our site may also close if snow and ice make the roads too dangerous for travel.

The staff will stay informed of the weather conditions via the Met Office Web Site. We will always try to give 24 hours notice of closure, however we may need to cancel on the day if weather changes suddenly / overnight. We will inform parents by text and email.