How do I book in?

All our bookings go through our website page www.children-of-the-forest.com/bookings.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to process bookings via email or face to face.


Can my children come if they are outside the age guides?

If you children are a few months outside of the guide ages then by all means please book them in. Our guide ages are there so that we can pitch activities appropriately. However if your children are more than a few months below or above the suggested ages then unfortunately that group is most likely unsuitable for them at this time.


Are you running dates that aren’t on the website?

We make sure to but up dates with at least 4 week notice on the website and facebook. If the dates you are looking for aren’t online yet, it may be that we are holding back the dates to avoid bookings taking place too far in advance.


Can I drop off any earlier/pick up later?

While the forest site may seem open and free flowing, we need time before and after session to set up and to pack away. Often this involves using or moving around with tools which means we cannot look after children outside of the session times.

How does the Waiting List work?
The waiting list adds people in the order which they sign up but does not guarantee that the top of the list will get the first space.
When a place becomes available, the system will try to contact you via email. The availability increases down the waiting list every 30 minutes as follows:

0-30 mins – open to position 1
30-60 mins – open to positions 1 & 2
60-90 mins – open to positions 1,2 & 3.



Do my children need to bring food?

Unless specifically stated in the description for the session we would recommend all children come with a bag with snacks and a drink. For full day sessions, the children will also need a packed lunch.


I didn’t get an email confirmation; do I have a place booked?

Without a confirmation email, your booking will not have gone through our system fully, which means we won’t have access to information such as medical needs, food allergies or emergency contact information which means we cannot allow you to attend a session. Please get in touch via facebook or email if you are unsure.